Kyla Nascimento
Smith Software Engineer. Biologist. Adventurer.

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Professional Projects

Forward Financing Merchant Portal

July 2017 – present


  • Allow external merchant users to easily view basic account information.
  • Faciitate communication between merchants and their Forward Financing account representative.


  • Utilization of a React and Redux to create an application to consume and display account data.
  • Construction of a shared component library to build a consistent UX experience across the Forward Financing brand.

Forward Financing Partner Portal

May 2017 – present


  • Allow external partner users to easily view performance indicators.
  • Faciitate communication with external partners to allow for quicker processing of leads.


  • Utilization of a React and Redux to create an application to consume and display performance data.
  • Intgration of a new search store into the exisiting application to optimize prefromace of various endpoints.

America's Test Kitchen Flagship Site and Search Experience

January 2016 – April 2017


  • Unify our frontend architecture across all brand sites.
  • A simple and documented implmentation for easy adoption across teams.
  • Support for current integrations for piecemeal updates.


  • Development of a React / Redux starter kit; including server side rendering for speed and SEO optimization and consumption of data from a JSON API endpoint backed by a "legacy" Rails app.
  • Establish testing framework and process for documentation.
  • Train members of the engineering team on new architecture through pair programming.

Personal Projects

Does-React-Make-You-Sad? -- The Quiz

September 2016 – October 2016


  • An easy way to determine whether React is the correct solution.
  • Interactively decide how to use React in your project.